GRE Word List


having puissance : powerful

The meaning of the word puissant is having puissance : powerful.

Random words

repertoirea list or supply of dramas, operas, pieces, or parts that a company or person is prepared to perform
habituateto make used to something : accustom
prizesomething offered or striven for in competition or in contests of chance
busta sculptured representation of the upper part of the human figure including the head and neck and usually part of the shoulders and breast
inductto put in formal possession (as of a benefice or office) : install
expatiateto move about freely or at will : wander
irreverencelack of reverence
supplecompliant often to the point of obsequiousness
facadethe front of a building
ficklemarked by lack of steadfastness, constancy, or stability : given to erratic changeableness