GRE Word List


good-natured; merry; cheerful

The meaning of the word jovial is good-natured; merry; cheerful.

Random words

rebatereturn of part of a payment; discount; V.
perquisiteany gain above stipulated salary; Ex. perquisites such as free meals and a car
prolonglengthen; extend; draw out
confluenceflowing together; the place where two rivers flow together; crowd; gathering together
frivolouslacking in seriousness; flippant; self-indulgently carefree; unworthy of serious attention; relatively unimportant; trivial
elicitdraw out fact or information (by discussion or from someone)
invalidateweaken; destroy; make invalid; nullify
tremuloustrembling; wavering
determinatehaving a fixed order of procedure; precisely defined; invariable; fixed; conclusive; final