GRE Word List


higher mental powers; person of great intellectual ability

The meaning of the word intellect is higher mental powers; person of great intellectual ability.

Random words

mulctdefraud a person of something; swindle; Ex. mulct the boy of his legacy
mandatoryobligatory; compulsory; of a mandate
partialincomplete; favoring one side over another; having a liking for something
bruntmain impact or shock (of an attack or blow); Ex. brunt of the argument
provisionaltentative; temporary
pastrypaste of flour and water (eaten when baked)
unfeignedgenuine; real
clarionshrill, trumpetlike sound; kind of trumpet used in former times
limboregion near heaven or hell where certain souls are kept; prison (slang); Ex. Purgatory and Limbo
pastoralrural; of rural life; idyllic; of a pastor