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GRE Word List


injure without breaking the skin; N.

The meaning of the word bruise is injure without breaking the skin; N..

Random words

diatribebitter scolding or denunciation; invective; abuse
polaritystate of having two opposite qualities
veneerthin surface layer (of good quality wood, glued to a base of inferior material); cover; surface show; fa\c{c}ade; V.
augustimpressive; majestic
rapturegreat joy and delight; ecstasy; ADJ. rapturous
schemesystematic plan; plot; clever dishonest plan; orderly arrangement of elements; Ex. health insurance scheme; Ex. a scheme to escape taxes; Ex. a color scheme; Ex. a story with no scheme; V: contrive a scheme
eulogisticpraising; full of eulogy
illusoryillusive; deceptive; not real
antagonismhostility; active opposition; V. antagonize: cause to become an enemy; N. antagonist: person who is opposed to another; opponent; adversary; principal character in oppostion to the protagonist