Shell script to read several conf files and create archives

Published on April 01, 2008

Read several conf files, find user directory, create archive directory and log file

As a shell scripter, I use variations of bash script like this often. Note that this particular is not very robust, but you get the idea. As always, use code from this section at your own risk.


# Title: Create empty files under several directories mentioned in *.conf
# Author: Arul John
# Description:
# 0. Each conf file contains key=value pairs, one per line
# 1. Read conf files in ~/config/*.conf
# 2. In each conf file, search for USERDIR=(.+) and create directory ~/$1/archive
# 3. In each ~/*/archive directory, create file webserver.log

set +x # comment this to turn off debug

# List all files and dump into $CONFFILES
CONFFILES=(`ls -1 ~/config/*.conf`)

# Loop and read 
for FILE in "${CONFFILES[@]}"
    # Get USERDIR value from conf file
    while read line
        if [[ "$line" =~ "USERDIR=(.+)" ]]
    done < "$FILE"
    if [[ $USERDIR != "" ]]
    echo "Creating directory ~/$USERDIR/archive"
        mkdir $USERDIR/archive/
        if [[ -d $USERDIR/archive/ ]]
            echo "Creating webserver.log under archive directory"
            touch $USERDIR/archive/webserver.log

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Published on April 01, 2008