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Cell phone secrets and tricks for Sony Ericsson T610

Published on 01 April 2004

Undocumented information, tricks, utilities, pranks (bluejacking) with your cell phone.

I have a terrific Sony Ericsson T610 cell phone which was also my first cell phone. It is Bluetooth enabled, IR enabled and has a bunch of other features that I love to use. I compliled a list of shortcuts and undocumented (not illegal) information on using the Sony Ericsson T610. You may not find a lot of this even on the official Sony Ericsson website for T610.

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Bluejacking and how to bluejack !!

Bluejacking is a harmless prank played on people who have switched Bluetooth on their phones. It was "invented" by someone nicknamed ajack, hence the name bluejack.

Bluejacking is NOT the same as hacking, so wannabe hacker kids, DO NOT ask me how to blue snarf or read others' contact lists on their cell phones.

If you want that kind of information, look elsewhere. For more on how to bluejack people, read below:

Note: I lost interest in bluejacking after 2 or 3 successful tries. Its just a prank. Do NOT harass the victim or else you might find yourself in the dock. Be careful, especially in airports where the tolerance level is very low. Also don't send threatening messages. Technically you cannot be traced, but if the victim notices you behaving in a suspicious way with your mobile phone in your hand, you better run or wait to be flogged!!

General Shortcuts in the Sony Ericsson T610

Getting smileys while composing text messages press the 1 key three times

How to see the phone blockage

Press <**<

How to go to the service menu

Press >*<<*<*

Unlocking your cell phone

The best way is to mail your phone provider and ask them to send you the unlocking code. Also send your phone number, phone model and IMEA number. Unlock your phone at your own risk!

Finding your IMEA number

The IMEA number on your cell phone is a 15 digit number of the format nnnnnnnn-nnnnnn-n-nn. To find it, you have to press *#06# on your keypad. It will display your IMEA number.


< move the joystick left > move the joystick right

Created on 01 April 2004

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