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Copy specified directories from one location to another

Published on 06 March 2010

Copy specified directories under /apps/tools


# TITLE       : Copy specified directories under /apps/tools
# DESCRIPTION : This script is a very basic Perl script that copies
#                all specified directories from to
# CREATED     : Arul John May 2007
# MODIFIED    : Arul John May 2009
# 0. Create an ssh password-less connection as described in
# 1. Login to
# 2. Copy this script to and run it from the directory where you want the copied directories

# Variables
my $directories_in_prod = <> $dir EXISTS... not copying";
    } else {
        print "++ $dir - copyingn";
        system('scp -r'.$dir.' .');

# Goodbye
print "n # Goodbyen";

Created on 06 March 2010

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