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✓ Few valid MAC addresses were not resolving


Hello Stranger, welcome to the members section.

What is this section about?

This members section allows you to perform bulk MAC address lookups. You get to perform bulk lookups for the first 100 MAC addresses per day.

How do I do bulk MAC address lookups?

You can upload a text file with one MAC address per line. Here's a sample text file.

You can also upload a CSV file with the first column containing a list of MAC addresses, one per row. Here's a sample csv file.

How do I know how many lookups I have left for today?

Track your usage here. If you are not logged in already, please login here.

If you do not have an account, you may signup and create an account with aruljohn.com.

How long will my MAC address files be stored?

Your files will be stored on the server for 7 days. After 7 days, they will automatically be deleted from the server.

What if I want to do more than 100 lookups?

We have paid plans coming up soon. Please stay around. In the meantime, you may lookup unlimited MAC addresses using our regular MAC Address Lookup utility.