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Network Utilities

IP Address TrackerTrack an IP address upto the country of origin and possibly ISP.
Telephone Number TrackerTrack a landline US phone number
Show your IP address, browser,
operating system, country
Displays your IP address, hostname, browser, operating system, ISP name, country and many other things.
gzip TesterTests web pages for gzip or deflate compression.
IP address to Hostname conversionFinds the hostname associated with any IP address.
Hostname to IP address conversionFinds the IP addresses associated with any hostname.
View HTTP HeadersView the HTTP headers sent by the web server when any file is requested.
Which WebServer?Find which webserver that website runs on!
IP Subnet/CIDR CalculatorFind the subnet and other details of an IP address/CIDR combination.
MAC Address LookupFind which company manufactured that network card.

Geographic Utilities

Zip Code ResolverDisplays the city name, state name, time zone and area code for any ZIP code in the US.
Area Code LookupDisplays the details associated with any area code, including city name and state name, latitude and longitude.
Country InformationDisplays the details of any country including capital, region, currency and TLD (top level domain) code.
Weather ForecastShows the weather forecast for any place in the world.

Miscellaneous Utilities

Word Pronunciation
(Text to Voice)
Type an English word and hear how it is pronounced.
MD5 SHA1 CRC32 Hash GeneratorThis program generates hashes for different algorithms: md5, sha1, crc32, hash.
ASCII Art GeneratorThis program generates ASCII art for the text you enter.
Proxy Server CheckChecks if you are detectable through a proxy.
Stock Quotes LookupFinds the current value of the stock quotes for any stock symbol.
x-y Graph PlotterDraws graph based on coordinates you provide.
Technorati Tag GeneratorGenerates Technorati tags for your blog posts.
RSS Newsfeed ReaderRetrieves newsfeed from a remote RSS or RDF file.
HTML Color (Colour) PickerFind the HTML codes for 216 web safe colours.
User-Agent StringView your user-agent string
Gravatar IconsView Gravatar icons for an email address
Browser Language DetectionWhich languages are supported in your web browser?
Unix Timestamp to Date FormatsConvert Unix timestamp numbers to various date formats including Atom, RSS, MySQL, HTTP Cookie, Unix date, etc.
Phishing Website TestCheck if a website is a phishing website.

Mobile Section

Bible Verses lookupLook up Bible verses. Enter the chapter name and number of verses.
Telephone trackerTrack telephone numbers.
Latest NewsGet latest news on your cell phone or mobile device.
Details about your mobile deviceFind more details about your mobile device including gateway, IP address, etc.

Bible Section

Bible Verse Lookup/Keyword SearchBible verse lookup. Enter the chapter name and number of verses. You can also search for a particular keyword.
Bible in one pageThe full Bible in one page - King James Version.

Technical Information Section

Technical InformationLots of technical information here, in categories like Unix/Linux, Windows, webservers and other general topics.
Debian GNU/Linux


Notes SectionAn internal blog of mine. Rarely updated, but please keep visiting.

Code Section

Code SectionFew programs I wrote over the years. Use them at your own risk.
Perl scriptsPerl scripts. I'll update this Perl section more often.
Shell scriptsShell scripts

Fun Section

Fun SectionJokes and cartoons compiled from different sources. Most of the stuff you see here were sent in email forwards.
CartoonsCartoons that I found interesting over the Internet.
JokesJokes - mostly sent to me as forwards.

Games Section

Games SectionSome online games I wrote.
HangmanThe classic Hangman, in JavaScript

Database Section

Database of User Agent Stringsa few user-agents from my webserver logs.
Free Unix and Linux Shell Accountsfree ssh access to Unix and Linux accounts, bash,csh,tcsh,perl,python,ruby,etc.

Untitled Section

Facts about IndiaVarious documented facts about India, trivia that you would not have known.
PI DayTrivia about pi. There is more to its value of 22/7.
Merry Christmas in over 100 languagesLearn how to say Merry Christmas in over 100 languages including English, Tagalog, Chinese, Thai, Russian and other lesser known languages like Rhetian, Rapa-Nui and Trukeese.