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Contact me


My email address is I will try to reply within a couple of days.

Before you email me, read this

If you're emailing me because you were worried about information you saw in the details page, relax.
Your browser sends all this information to pretty much every website you visit on the Internet - information such as your IP address, country, browser, screen size. All that my details page does is show you what your browser is sending out. Do NOT send me angry emails about it.

When you can email me

  1. You have a comment, suggestion or constructive criticism about my website.
  2. You're a long lost friend or classmate.
  3. You need help regarding anything related to the utilities on this website.
  4. You just want to say hi.

When you don't have to bother emailing me

Do not email me if your mail contains any of these:
  1. You want me to do your homework assignments, Masters or Ph.D. thesis, company projects.
  2. You want me to work on your Masters project/thesis.
  3. You want to share 1% of your newly acquired $300 million fortune that your uncle in Ivory Coast left behind after being ousted in a coup. Thanks, but no thanks.